Play Flabby Kid Game Online

Flabby's Features:

  • A colourful and fun platform adventure game
  • 3 Quirky and fun themed departments to tackle
  • A game with a novel story!
  • Tricky traps and boss battles await the brave
  • Rescue the improsoned gardeners
  • Big kids make big heroes, be the hero you were fed to be and save the world!

More About the Game

Fast Food Corp has corrupted the human population through the massive supply of greasy fatty fast food and sweet snacks making them overweight and lazy. A small flabby kid decides one day that enough is enough and decides to confront the corporation in attempt to free the human race from it's junk food grip.


  • flabby kid: screenshot 1
  • flabby kid: screenshot 2
  • flabby kid: screenshot 3
  • flabby kid: screenshot 4
  • flabby kid: screenshot 5
  • flabby kid: screenshot 6

Your Aim

As Flabby you will have to navigate up the corporations Head Quarters. A 100 storey plus skyscraper full of traps, obstacles and devious minions. As flabby kid you must defeat the corporations 3 Big Bosses. Each boss is in charge of the production and distribution of a different type of fast food. One for candy and chocolate, One for fast food and One for fizzy sugary drinks.

The many fast food enemies are too strong for you to kill as a little boy, you can only stun them making each level as much about avoidance as head bouncing. By using various moves including a Jump, Run, Duck, Crawl and Push you need to move across and up the building whilst rescuing the Fruit and Vegetable humanoids who have also fallen victim to the corporation.

The game will be available to play for free in your web browser and on both Android and iOS.